Connor and Ezra Get Elected to the SGA!

By Ülvi Gitaliyev

After weeks of giving out posters, speaking in interviews and other campaign shenanigans, Connor Courtney and Ezra Lanoue have emerged as the winner of the Spring 2022 SGA elections. The two candidates had run for this position before, in 2021, but had lost with close margins. This time, though, luck and the student body was on their side.

The Courtney-Lanoue campaign has made many promises to voters, especially on visitation reform. If all goes their way, then we can expect to see a 24-hour visitation policy, along with GIH in all dorms soon enough. Our reporters will be following the development of these and other issues with great interest.

The Berea Torch wishes both winners success in implementing their vision for the college. We also want to congratulate Nathaniel and Collins on running a dedicated campaign and hope that they will find other ways to achieve their campaign promises.

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