Environment Criminals in Little Blue Vests and Clunky Carts ~ A Message to Public Safety

By Anonymous

January was a beautiful month. White specks fell from the sky, littering the Berea grounds with a sparkling layer of snow. Students did not hesitate to parade around in it, leaving snowmen dotted around campus as well as have snowball fights between friends. As the month ended and we have transitioned into February, we were met with even more snow and a decent amount of rain. The combination of snow and rain has made the Berea grounds very wet and, well… muddy.

I am sure everyone has noticed the copious amounts of slush and mud that were left after the weather, along with the flooded sidewalks. And, if you have noticed that, I am sure you have also noticed… the tracks. The tracks that litter our school grounds. The tracks that cut into the green grass (well, kind of brown at this point) and leave ugly soil stains. The tracks that have dug deep within the ground to reveal the dirt beneath. The tracks from those awful little Public Safety carts, signifying that whoever behind the wheel was a bad driver.

Now, I have been at this school for three semesters so far. Throughout my time here, I have had Public Safety carts drive slowly behind me until I moved onto the grass so that they could drive on the sidewalk. I have had Public Safety drivers call out ahead of time for me to move out of their way so they could stay on the sidewalk. I am sure that has happened to you as well. Riddle me this, why is it that during the muddiest, wettest time of the year, now all the Public Safety drivers suddenly want to drive all over the grass? That is a question that will never be answered.

The tracks in the ground make the campus look atrocious and ugly. It looks like a giant took a comically large fork and drove it into the ground, just for the fun of it. It looks like someone took a large pencil and just erased the grass to showcase the habitat of earthworms and other undesirable bugs that crawl around in the earth’s crust. There are literal holes carved out of the ground because Public Safety drivers persistently drive over the same spot, repeatedly, over and over again. There are marks in the grass from their tires where they decided to take shortcuts or make U-Turns.

Please. For the sake of this campus, Public Safety. For the sake of the beauty that this campus once had and can be restored as the earth heals from this tire torture. Please, just drive on the damn sidewalks lest you make the ground weep more muddy tears.

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