Environmental Haikus – “One Less Turtle Now”

By Anonymous

As Earth Day approaches, The Berea Torch has received a small collection of environmental Haikus that we would like to share with you!

Stuck in Turtle’s nose
She wanted to drink Starbucks
One less turtle now

I used to love trees
I loved another green more
Where did the trees go?

I am where you live
I’ve given you everything
Why must you hurt me?

I love the cool breeze
On my big plastic island
In the blue ocean

3 responses to “Environmental Haikus – “One Less Turtle Now””

  1. Please write an article about KINGSLEY. He is a rapist and sex offender. He should not be allowed on campus around people. See Berean’s Gone Wild Facebook page for more details. THIS IS NOT OKAY.
    + Yash Kadel, JJ Kiboi #saytheirnames

    • Hello! We actually wrote a post on Bereans Gone Wild Facebook page addressing that we would not write an article on the recent sexual assault allegations unless victims came to us personally and asked out of respect for those victims and their stories. Thank you!

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