The Berea Torch is Back!

By The Berea Torch

Hello and welcome back to The Berea Torch! We hope you had an amazing summer! As the fall semester rolls along, we will begin publishing articles. For the first years among us, The Berea Torch is an independent, student-run newspaper that reports on local Berea news and tells the stories and opinions of students. This semester, we have decided to make some major changes to our publication!

First of all, we added accessibility features on the top left corner of every page, allowing users to change fonts, increase the size of texts and other things to help people read our stories. If there are other features you wish to see, please write to us.

The Berea Torch now has accessibility features!

From now on, we will release 2-3 articles a week, to give our writers more time to research and polish their pieces. We also want to branch out towards the town of Berea and have local writers. If you wish to become a writer or to simply submit an article to us, then send an email to

We are inviting all clubs, both official and unofficial, to Club Spotlight interviews for this semester. They will be released on a bi-weekly basis, so there will only be a few spots! There will also be spotlights of local Madison County businesses later down the line.

As the midterm elections approach and many students register to vote in Madison County, The Berea Torch will reach out to local candidates in the 6th voting district of Kentucky (which is ours!) and ask for their opinions on issues that matter to students and young people in general. There is also a big surprise coming for September, but we do not want to reveal our cards just yet so be on the lookout!

Our first article is coming out tomorrow, so stay up-to-date reading The Berea Torch!

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