The Berea Torch Zine Announcement

By Ülvi Gitaliyev

When The Berea Torch was founded last semester, we always had plans to release physical copies alongside our website. Now, after months of preparation, The Berea Torch is proud to announce that we will be releasing physical zines on the first week of October!

The purpose of the zine is to represent progressive and creative elements of Berea for a larger audience. We will be publishing our own online articles, articles submissions by students and townsfolks, art pieces of the Berea Community. We want this zine to act as a bridge between Berea the town and Berea College.

İf you want your own copy and or our online newsletter, then please send your name and address/CPO to the google form here. If you wish to submit your own articles, creative writing or art pieces to the zine, please submit an email to Please be aware there will be a limited number of pages in the zine and the earliest submissions will have the highest chance of being covered!

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