“Fun Days Left Behind” Halloween-Themed Haikus

By Ersnt Stumbo

My favorite costume

I love to dress up in it

But just for one day

I wanted candy

I begged everywhere

Now it is a feast

I was just a boy

Back when October sang to me

Those days are long gone

It used to be fun

I used to be able to play

Now it just flies by

Tenth month 31st

Used to be a magic day

Now I have to work

It’s now November

I didn’t even notice Halloween

Fun days left behind

But I just can’t help

Looking all around and thinking

Screw this goddamn job

I’m too tired, I quit

I will not let Halloween pass

I will have fun again

Halloween is the day

Even if it’s just for a day

The adulthood slips away

One response to ““Fun Days Left Behind” Halloween-Themed Haikus”

  1. Ain’t no holiday
    If I don’t get leave with pay
    Rent ain’t paid with sweets.

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