Towelgate in Bingham: What We Know So Far

By Lily Barnette and Ülvi Gitaliyev

Bingham Residence Hall has been thrown into disarray as all the paper towels have been locked away in the AC’s office. Reportedly, students had been shoving paper towels into toilets on multiple floors, which can cause pipes to burst and damage the building. Despite two mandatory hall meetings and a CSV issued to every student of the hall, no one has confessed to the crime. With tensions among students higher than ever before, some students going so far as to say that a “witch-hunt” has begun over who is responsible for the clogging of toilets with paper towels.

All the paper towels of Bingham are now kept in an office that only staff, Hall Coordinators, and RAs can enter.

Xander Carson, Bingham Residence Hall Coordinator, sat down with The Berea Torch to discuss the paper towel issue and his frustration.

According to Xander, the first reports of paper towels in toilets appeared in late October. On October 31st, Halloween night, the Bingham RAs called a mandatory meeting, which “only 10 people” attended. A few days later, every bathroom on the second floor was unusable due to the toilets being full of paper towels. In response, the entire second floor was given a CSV, though this did not stop the Towel Criminal. In fact, other floors began reporting paper towels in their own toilets. In Xander’s view, the actions of the perpetrators were “Kind of pathetic.” There are ten separate reported accounts of paper towels placed in the toilets throughout the entire building.

So, on November 7th, every Bingham resident (except for those on the second floor), were handed down CSVs as well and paper towels became unavailable in almost every bathroom in Bingham. Unsurprisingly, students began conserving their limited supplies of paper towels and one student was accepting bids for his “singular square of unused brown paper towel.”

Xander, as well as many other residents in Bingham, hope that with the latest punishment, the student (or students) responsible for the loss of paper towel privileges will either admit to their transgressions or at least stop clogging more toilets.

The email sent to all Bingham Hall residents by Xander on November 7th, 6:23pm.

Unfortunately, his actions did not have much of an effect. In fact, mere minutes after the interview, another toilet full of paper towels was discovered on the third floor in the private bathroom. The Berea Torch will update readers when the Toilet Clogger is caught.

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