A Reflection and a Happy Winter Break!

By Ülvi Gitaliyev and Lily Barnette

As we approach the end of the first year of The Berea Torch, we have also began to look back at our over 100 articles released this year. We have interviewed dozens of people, visited homes and cafes all over Madison County and beyond. We wrote and published hundreds of pages worth of journalism, opinion pieces and creative texts. Of course, we also began to publish physical zines, which we will continue to do so next year.

We have made some great progress this semester, with both the website and the quality of our reporting, both of which we are very proud of. For next semester, we only plan on further improving The Berea Torch to make it more accessible and interesting to readers all over Madison County and our readers across the world.

Thank you to all our readers this semester for reading, commenting and sharing our posts! It is you who make us appreciate our work. A well deserved winter break and happy holidays from The Berea Torch!

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