We Have Killed Ourselves

By Bless Iteka

We The People of the United States of America have killed ourselves.

Our affinity towards destruction and killing should not come as a surprise to anyone, certainly not to any person who lived outside the U.S.

Like many other countries, the U.S has finally seen the light, but we’ve seen it too late. The damage we have done to the planet has become irreversible. It’s no longer a matter of when climate change will begin affecting us, but how long we can continue to live on this planet before it becomes uninhabitable.

We can still slow the process. We can make strides to prolong our life on this planet. But that’s all we can do now. Make strides. Attempt. Try. Our inaction has pushed us to this point.

The other side of this downward spiral is that the earth will still be here.

No matter how many cubic tons of Carbon Dioxide we fill the atmosphere with.

No matter how much plastic we dump in the ocean.

No matter how many gallons of oil we pollute the oceans with.

We can carpet-bomb the world to ashes, but the planet will still be here.

We can send ourselves into a nuclear winter, but the planet will still be here.

The earth will still spin on its axis.

It will still revolve around the sun.

Every day the sun will rise and every day the sun will set.

Then one day,


Life will come back.

Single-celled organisms.






Everything will be as it once was.

Because when all is said and done, it’s not the earth that will die,

It’s us.

We have not killed the earth.

We have killed ourselves.

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  1. Excellent essay/poem. You are more optimistic than me. I think we’re past the topping point and we’re done no matter what we do now.

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