Recap of the Junior Senator Debates

By The Berea Torch

This will be the second and last part of the SGA debates for the Spring 2022 semester. The roles for Junior President and Vice-President is uncontested and so, Madinabonu Solijonova and Dawt Mawi will become Junior President and Vice-President respectively. The race for Junior Senator is between

  1. Chase Ackerman
  2. Malaya Wright

Chase Ackerman spoke about his plan to unite the Junior class and make sure that their voices are heard and their accomplishment during the difficult COVID semester acknowledged.

CA: “I’m the current class senator for the sophomore class and also been the Blue Ridge Hall president for the past year… We have a collective voice… And that voice has been kind of muffled so that we don’t reach out to the students but the students have a lot to say but we need to make that bridge; we need to extend that and speak for the students… We have a reputation among the faculty; they call us the COVID babies… The thing that I will be working towards the most if elected will be the creation of an on campus remembrance for our class – the COVID babies, the change makers, scientists, politicians, the speakers, the actors, artists, poets, business people, and the scholars – for my peers who have fought so hard for everything that they have right now and deserve all the recognition for their efforts.”

Malaya Wright focused on bringing an intersection lens to the SGA that includes the perspective of all groups of students and on how the SGA can positively influence Berea College.

MW: “I am a transfer student… I’ve had a year at another institution where it wasn’t through COVID, I noticed three key things that I want to address. First being reform and the lack of intersectional lens for people of colour, LGBT+, disabled students, International Student who are having to go through personal humanitarian crises at home. I also understand that Berea College students are being overworked and underpaid and have very little time… Another really important thing is to relay information in concise ways so that people know what is going on in SGA. SGA has a lot of personal and profound impacts on the curriculum, dining, XYZ.”

You can watch the rest of the debates here.

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