Public Menace Monday: Late Night Car Chase

By Ülvi Gitaliyev

For this week, we have received an anonymous tip on how a student found themselves being chased by Public Menace late at night outside Brushy Fork.

Before we begin, it is important to note that Berea College employs a no-chase policy. This means that no matter if you are a student or a total stranger, Public Meance should not be chasing you with a vehicle. As our story will show though, that is not always the case:

“I was meeting my friends during the last fall semester [Fall 2021] and we were doing doughnuts in the Brushy Fork gravel parking lot. We were joking around out there when Public Safety pulled up on us in a car. We decided to leave just because we weren’t trying to get any trouble started and they proceeded to chase us down that road past Brushy. We thought it was funny how they were trying to chase us. Considering there’s no chase policy. So, after that we decided to come back and they did it yet again, but farther. This time, they followed us farther down the road.”

Sounds like something right out of a Travel Chronicle; hopefully, our right to make doughnuts with our cars shall be restored.

If you too have a story to share about Public Menace, feel to free to contact us for next week’s article!

9 responses to “Public Menace Monday: Late Night Car Chase”

  1. Chasing you and following to make sure you get the fuck out are two entirely different things but okay. Cool story bro

    • I like how we’re complaining about public safety not doing anything now. “OH no public safety followed me because I was doing dumb shit on college property TWICE IN THE SAME NIGHT” how fucking villainous of them. You didn’t even get in trouble, who cares???

  2. Sounds like they were doing their job. You shouldn’t have been doing donuts there. Duh.

  3. As someone who has been chased by pub safe because they thought I was smoking when it was like 20 degrees out and I was walking back from CPo . Thank you for bringing awareness to how awful pub really is.

  4. Yeah they can try to get you to stop smoking on campus. Being a human doesn’t excuse you from the rules.

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