Editorial: Salaam Nahasi for SGA Sophomore Senator

By Salaam Nahasi

Salaam is a first-year in computer science major from Huntsville, Alabama. She has been representing first-years students for two semesters and is hoping to continue her work as a sophomore. The article below was written by Salaam.

As current students to this institution, it is no secret that Berea seeks the best and the brightest, where we’d continue to keep the values that Mr. John Fee envisioned this place to withhold alive. Where this institution, at least on paper, holds onto its history of being “a college like no other,” with its 8 great commitments and the value of encouraging its students to advocate for themselves and those they care for. 

Last semester, I ran my campaign with a vision that I would begin to focus on facility equity and the lack of empowerment and support we as students continue to face. From helping tie the partnership between SGA and the Non-Traditional Student Association (NTSA) to the beginning of investigating why accessibility, flooding, and other problems go unfixed, I’ve made it my priority to help ensure that your safety and voiced concerns were listened to and heard. 

During my time as Student Government’s first-year senator, I’ve spent hours, days, and weeks on end researching the histories of this institution and with it the ignored challenges that students have voiced loud and clear. I’ve sat down with community members, students, and even some faculty and staff to gain insight into their views on the nature in which our college environment is run. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned through these conversations, it’s that there’s been a fear of pushing back and a holding onto the belief that nothing changes as the nail that sticks out gets hammered down. But throughout my many years of advocating for equality and those in unheard communities, I’ve also learned that those who dare to struggle, dare to win. Just as Martin Luther King, Jr. reminded us that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice,” we must remember that change does not come easy, but it will come. So with this, I ask for your support as I run for Sophomore Class senator, where I vow to continue representing you as a leader that will empower, that will push for a fair system, and will advocate for getting what we need to prosper. Let me help fight for us to get what we need and not be complacent in what those in higher power want. Let me help fight for the best interest of ourselves, and not just our school.

You can vote for your favorite SGA candidates at the following link after the SGA debates at March 14th, 7:00pm conclude.

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