Editorial: Trayvion Newton & Suneil Avirneni for SGA Junior President & Vice-President

By Trayvion Newton & Suneil Avirneni

Trayvion Newton is a sophomore ETAD major and Suneil Avirneni is a sophomore finance major. They have been representing sophomore students in the SGA for two semesters and are hoping to continue their work as juniors. The article below was written by Trayvion Newton and Suneil Avirneni.

Hello, I am Suneil and it has been my honor to serve as your sophomore class vice president this past year side by side with Trayvion Newton as Sophomore President.

 We are excited to announce that we are running for reelection. Over the past year, we have made great strides toward building a stronger, more engaged student body. But there is still much work to be done, and we believe that we can achieve even greater things in this coming year.

Our campaign is centered around three key pillars: student involvement in the student government, elimination of corruption in student government, and continuing the work that Connor Courtney, our current student body president.

First, we believe that it is critical that we increase student involvement in the student government. This means making sure that all students have access to the information they need to participate meaningfully in SGA, as well as creating more opportunities for students to get involved in the decision-making process. Whether it’s through town hall meetings, online forums, or regular meetings with student representatives, we need to ensure that every student’s voice is heard.

Second, we are committed to eliminating corruption in student government. Sadly, we have seen instances of unethical behavior in the past, and it is essential that we take a zero-tolerance approach to such behavior. As Junior class president and vice president, we will work closely with the rest of the student government to ensure that our policies and procedures are transparent, and that students know what is going on with their money. We pledge to continue to do everything in our power to root out corruption wherever it may exist.

Finally, we strongly believe in supporting the current student body president. Our current president has worked tirelessly to represent the interests of all students, and we are committed to working alongside them to continue the great work they have already done. Specifically, in regard to expanding student parking, the alcohol and drug amnesty policy, and gender-inclusive housing. Together, we can build a stronger, more united student government that is truly representative of the needs of our entire student body.

Of course, achieving these goals will not be easy, but together, we can create a student government that is responsive to the needs of all students, that is transparent and accountable, and that truly represents the best of our community.

So, as we approach the election, we ask for your vote and your support. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of our fellow students.

You can vote for your favorite SGA candidates at the following link after the SGA debates at March 14th, 7:00pm conclude.

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